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At PJ’s guardianship we provide two main packages, which we hope will meet with your requirements. Below you will find an extensive breakdown of these packages and the services provided for each.

If you are unable to find the specific service that you are looking for, we are pleased to be able to offer a tailored service based upon our basic package to meet your individual needs. Just get in touch and we can prepare a customised package based on these requirements.

Basic package

To cover your child's essential needs

Package highlights includeAge restricted to Year 9 and above (Age 13/14 years)

Act as UK based guardians*

Provide 24 hour contact point

Arrange emergency medical care as needed

Visit student once per year at the school

Registration: £150 per student


Premium package

Everything your child will require

Package highlights includeIncludes Basic package plus the following:

Respond to emails and concerns within 24 hours

Visit student once per term

Contact student regularly via texts, calls and instant messaging

Communicate with parents about student’s progress

Registration: £150 per student

*Basic legal requirement