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Our Guardianship services are respected by many families and we are proud of that. We would like to share with you, just a small collection of the glowing reviews received over the years.

Yes, Clara is having a great time in the UK ! Thank you for your help.
I will certainly recommend PJ’S Guardianship Services!
R.E - Spain
It is really a professional , wonderful & all round best guardianship company, We are fully satisfied the service provided and fully support the further development of the them! Wish them have a bright future!
C.Chu - Hong Kong
Thank you ever so much Jackie. You are just fantastic.
Thanks Pete – on top of things as usual!
Thank you Jackie. Really appreciate how you are and your constant support.
Thank you for such a lovely e-mail! Yes, we are really proud of him. When he went to Millfield we just asked him to work hard and make the most of every opportunity and I think he’s done that in spades. He is really thrilled to have been made Head of House and we are equally chuffed!

He is so fond of you and Pete, and as I said when you left, you really were pivotal in helping him through that first year. Thank you! I know he misses you.

We appreciate your warm supports for Kazuho from the bottom of our hearts. His study in UK was the first experience for our family. With your trustworthy and premium guardian services, Kazuho could spend enjoyable days in UK and we haven’t felt any anxiety about various logistic arrangements in the distant place.

Thank you once again for your kind-hearted supports.

Mr Kito - Japan
AH! You are wonderful!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! PERFECT!!!!! Big sigh of relief now….
Quick note to say thank you for all your hard work and cheerful endeavour over the last year.Tom has had a great year in so many ways. No one can say it has been easy, but it is clear to us that fantastic progress has been forthcoming.