PJs was founded in 1995 by Pete and Jackie Evans.

Pete and Jackie have been involved in the independent schools sector since 1991 when Jackie joined Millfield Prep School as a member of staff, teaching English and Physical Education. Together with Pete, they then became house parents and ran a boarding house for 16 years overseeing the health, care and development of hundreds of children from all over the world.

It is from this role as house parents that the guardianship business was formed. Pete and Jackie have since acted as guardians for many students enabling them to have a successful, enjoyable and balanced time throughout their years at school.

Since retiring from teaching and house parenting, Pete and Jackie now manage PJ’s hub in the South West of the country. They act as guardians to a number of students ensuring that they are well supported during their time away from home. They continue to host a number of students during exeat weekends and keep in close contact with our group of host families based in the local area.

Lizzie Barclay and Kirsty Farquhar joined PJ’s in 2014. They are based in Surrey and have built up a number of links with schools in the South East of the UK including in London. They act as guardians to children within this area and are able to host students themselves alongside our local host families. Lizzie and Kirsty met whilst completing their legal training and remain practising solicitors. They are able to action any visa enquiries and assist parents who wish to purchase properties in the UK.


Lizzie Barclay


Lizzie Barclay

Lizzie was educated at Our Lady’s Convent School in Oxfordshire; a small independent girl’s school. During her time there, her family became involved in a home-stay programme with a Japanese school. Lizzie, therefore, understands what it takes to make the change between schools, and more importantly countries, as smooth as possible.

Lizzie read law at Cardiff University and completed her training at a firm in London where she specialised in Litigation.


Kirsty Farquhar


Kirsty Farquhar

As a child, Kirsty spent two terms at a day school in France and was hosted by a french family for the full 6 months.  This was an invaluable experience and helps her understand the needs of children who are far away from home.

Kirsty was educated at a co-educational school Eastbourne, and read Law at University in Bristol. She completed her training to become a solicitor in Guildford and specialised in Family Law.


Jackie Evans


Jackie Evans

Jackie has been involved with Millfield School for nearly 25 years and has seen school life from all aspects: initially, as a parent when her son joined the school as a boarder in 1991; then as a teacher of English from 1994; and finally as a houseparent from 1995. During this time, she and her husband Pete, started PJs Guardianship and have cared for hundreds of children throughout the years.

Jackie and Pete now host many children at their home in Glastonbury during exeat weekends and holidays.


Peter Evans


Pete Evans

Pete has been involved in running a boarding house since 1995 together with running extra curricular activities for the students, such as a mechanic workshop.

All three or their children attended Millfield School and are now very successful in their current careers as a Pilot for the UK’s flag carrier, IT Business Development Manager for a FTSE 100 company and a Norland Nanny.

Pete also runs Spare Space Taxis, which provides the transport for PJs.




We are proud to be fully AEGIS accredited and would like to share an excerpt from our inspection report:

“PJ’s Guardianship Services Ltd offers an excellent standard of educational guardianship, and makes appropriate arrangements for the use of host families when required. The high quality of its care for students and the efficiency of its pastoral and administrative systems are spoken of in the warmest terms by students, overseas parents, host families and schools.”